Marley Spoon Promo Code- My First Choice for cooking

Cooking food has always been a tough task for every mother. Especially when your children are two boys and a girl who completely different understanding of flavors.

Marley Spoon brings happiness in every mother’s life by providing them great meal kits with different recipes and a choice to choose the best ingredients. And the best thing is that you can save $50 with Marley Spoon Discount Code & Coupon Codes.

marley spoon promo code

I heard about the service when I was at holidays in Australia. Their service is super great, the ingredients, the recipes, the flavor and the quality of food is just top-notch.

I was wondering if it was a box from heaven. The ingredients were packed so nicely along with the recipe cart and other cooking instructions.

The only thing I didn’t like was the absence of garlic in the package but all other ingredients were intact and present.

I cooked the food with my neighbor Genny who is a professional chef. She really helped me a lot to follow the instructions as well as serving the food.

We got another two friends who gave a surprise visit to my home and boy what a time it was to be there since we had the delicious grilled chicken with coconut pudding.

It only took 30 minutes to follow the manual and start the cooking. After 1 hour the food was ready and the table was set for the dinners.

I must say that I was first a little doubtful about the quantity but later I realized that it was enough for everyone.

Everyone liked the food, especially the children who love chicken. They were very impressed with the service.

So in my recommendation, Marley Spoon is the best meal kit service available in Australia for any mother who has kids like me.

Now let’s talk about some specific of the service.

Shipping was decent compare to other services. My delivery was not delayed and the ingredients were fresh when they arrived.

Quality of ingredients was also great and I must compliment their packaging.

The recipes are also great but convenient to follow by anyone. I am not someone who loves cooking but I enjoyed cooking the food.

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